Nominating: Core Competencies for Nonprofit Leadership

Core Competencies for Nonprofit Leadership

1. Self-Knowledge

  • Integrity: Keeps her word; trusted and perceived as direct; open and truthful; protects confidential information
  • Conflict Management: Addresses disagreements and problems with others directly and objectively; views conflict as an opportunity to hear differing opinions

2. Interpersonal Relationships

  • Relationship Building and Maintenance: Establishes relationships that cross internal and external organizational boundaries; brings people to consensus; works well in a group
  • Listening and Understanding: Lets others speak without interruption or rebuttal;

projects a genuine desire to listen and to help others

  • Influence and Persuasion: Has the ability to bring others around to her viewpoint; is trusted and respected by others for her point of view; seeks win-win alternatives
  • Facilitation: Ensures integrity of process; ensures all voices have the opportunity to be heard; allows for differences of opinion; remains neutral when facilitating a group

3. Strategic Thinking

Strategic Leadership: Identifies results the organization will accomplish; examines strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats relative to the identified results

Vision: Articulates a common vision that is easily understood, compelling and accepted; able to imagine the possibilities and believes they can become reality

Organizational Identification and Representation: Believes in and acts in keeping with the organization’s mission, vision and services; presents the organization and its policies, products and services in a favorable light to others

4. Leadership Skills

Oral Presentation: Is comfortable speaking one-on-one, to a group, and to all levels

of the organization; adapts message and style to her audience; clearly presents ideas

Written Communication: Has the ability to analyze, interpret, and display information in written form; expresses ideas with clarity and in language appropriate for the audience