The Association of Junior Leagues International Inc. (AJLI) is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women, and improving communities through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable. Junior Leagues reach out to women of all races, religions and national origins who demonstrate an interest in and commitment to voluntarism. The Junior League of the Shoals takes its commitment to voluntarism seriously. Over the more than 70 years, the organization, operating as the Muscle Shoals District Service League, has given 300,000 hours of hands-on volunteer work and over $3.1 million back to the community. Each active member gives 40+ hours of community service per year with an established local charity or non-profit organization.

Past Presidents of the Muscle Shoals District Service League

Ann Smith, 1947-1949
Jane Kennedy Cubbage, 1949-1951
Ethel Gary, 1951-1953
Marge Olim, 1953-1955
Ann Craig, 1955-1957
Virginia Reed, 1957-1959
Mary Martin, 1959-1960
Camille Johnson, 1960-1961
Gayle Ozbirn, 1961-1963
Elizabeth Ann Heflin, 1963-1965
Sue Bodkin, 1965-1967
Margorie Roberts, 1967-1969
Elaine Beard, 1969-1971
Jeannine Lamar, 1971-1973
Christine Box, 1973-1975
Judy Matthews, 1975-1977
Jeanie McNees, 1977-1979
Susan Koonce, 1979-1981
Arlene Ashe, 1981-1983
Brenda Cochran, 1983-1984
Susan Kirkland, 1984-1985
Sue Shaver, 1985-1986
Judy Mckelvey, 1986-1987
Barbie Lewis, 1987-1988
Anne Machtolff, 1988-1989
Evie Mauldin, 1990-1991
Jackie Zickler, 1991-1992
Ann Harland, 1992-1993
Sharon Simpson, 1993-1994
Karran Phillips, 1994-1995
Mary Martha Irons, 1995-1996
Lynda Darby, 1996-1997
Debbie Pool, 1997-1998
Kim Mauldin, 1998-1999
Kathy Gamble, 1999-2000
Lisa Ruggles, 2000-2001
Lisa Keys-Matthews, 2001-2002
Allison Newton, 2002-2003
Leslie Tomlinson, 2003-2004
Becky McDaniel, 2004-2005
Ashli Smith, 2005-2006


Past Presidents of the Junior League of the Shoals

Kristi Sockwell, 2006-2007
Missy Ridgeway, 2007-2008
Meredith McClanahan, 2008-2009
Tonya Foote, 2009-2010
Jennifer Harscheid, 2010-2011
Cara Dawson, 2011-2012
Emily Brown, 2012-2013
Sheneta Smith, 2013-2014
Heather Gargis, 2014-2015
Kathryn Balch, 2015-2016
Amanda Terry, 2016-2017
Kyrel Buchanan, 2017-2018
Kai Murphy, 2018-2019
Lorie Johnson, 2019-2020
Tiff Butler, 2020-2021
Kimberly Green, 2021-2022
AnnCollins Mockbee, 2022-2023