Board of Directors

Kai Murphy, President

Lorie Johnson, President-Elect

Kimberly Green, Treasurer

Briana Hannah, Assistant Treasurer

Jennifer M. Smith, Secretary

Kayla Burgess, Provisional Director

Sarah Miles, Provisional Director

Brittany Myhan, Hospitality Chair

Marianne Leigh, Finance Chair

Tiff Butler, Public Relations Chair/Hourglass

Ashley Witt, Placements Chair

Amanda White, Done-in-a-Day Chair

Jennifer Dean, Apple Annie Chair

Kristen Merriss, Apple Annie Co-Chair

Sajel Speyer, Sugarplum Chair

Leah Tucker, Sugarplum Co-Chair

Brittany Westerman, Member/Sustainer Relations

Lexi Sandlin, Huff N Puff on the Bluff 15K Chair

Stefanie Strawn, Huff N Puff on the Bluff 15K Chair