Our membership is made of ladies from diverse backgrounds, including business owners, working moms, professional women, and stay-at-home moms. We come from all over the Shoals area to work together to build a better community.

Membership Requirements:

Junior League wants to fit in your life, and not have your life fit into Junior League!

We have moved to a membership credit system, where credits can be earned in a number of ways, including:

  • attend JLS meetings
  • volunteer at JLS fundraisers/events
  • VOLUNTEER (at JLS organized opportunities or on your own)
  • donate items or contribute to JLS monthly ‘Done In A Day’ projects
  • purchase up to 5 non-required credits
  • purchase 1 required time or “Sweat Equity” Credit

REQUIRED Membership Credits:

Time or “Sweat Equity”:

  • Attend Polishing Party for Apple Annie (November’s monthly meeting)
  • Work Apple Annie shift (First Friday in November)
  • Deliver Apple Annie Business Crate (during first week of November)
  • Volunteer at Spring Service Event
  • Volunteer at Touch A Truck (event held in May)

Financial Obligations: Total approximately $245 (a minimum of $120 is recoupable by selling apples or tickets for fundraisers)

  • DUES! ($100-175: Provisional or NEW Members dues are $175, Active and Extended Active Members dues are $125, and Sustainers dues are $100)
  • Apple Annie Apple Sales or Buyout ($75+)
  • Touch A Truck Tickets (Sell 4 tickets = $20!)



Provisional Member

  • This is *NEW* Members for their first year in JLS. Members are placed in a Provisional Class led by an active member dedicated to training them about the Junior League of the Shoals. Provisional meetings are structured to offer training, provide information about how the League operates, answer questions, and develop friendships.
  • Dues are $175 for Provisionals.

Active Member

  • After completing the Provisional Class, members attain “Active” status.
  • You are required to complete the membership requirements as described above.
  • You will also be assigned a Committee Placement to serve on during the year–this placement can change from year to year!  You may serve on more than 1 committee too!
  • Dues are $125 for Actives.

Extended Active Member

  • You are eligible to move to “Extended Active” status after six (6) years in Junior League–1 year as a Provisional and 5 years as an Active Member.
  • As an Extended Active you are still responsible for dues and her committee placement, but no other member obligations.
  • Dues are $125 for Extended Actives.

Sustaining Member

  • Any member who has completed at least six (6) years in Junior League–1 year as a Provisional and 5 years as an Active Member–and would like to continue to support JLS.
  • Dues are $100 for Sustainers.


Are you moving to the Shoals area and would like to transfer your membership from another League to the Junior League of the Shoals? We would love for you to join us!

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