Nominating: Board Position Descriptions

Descriptions of Board Positions and Standing Committees Open to Nominating Process

Each Board position/committee shall keep records of its meetings and activities, and the Chair shall prepare an annual report.  Each active member of League, except the President and the President-Elect, shall serve on a committee.  Extended actives have the choice whether or not to serve on a committee.  Sustainers are welcome to serve if they wish to continue participating.

President-Elect. The President-Elect shall preside in the absence of the President and shall perform the duties and exercise the powers of the President in such an absence. The President-Elect shall organize and oversee the League election process. The President-Elect shall perform such other duties as may be assigned by the Board of Directors.

Executive Vice President. The purpose of the EVP is to oversee the Management Team to effectively execute the day-to-day Council operations of the organization. Fosters collaboration across teams and manages and resolves conflict

President-Elect Elect. The President-Elect Elect shall serve as chair of the Governance Committee. The President-Elect Elect shall maintain a current and accurate copy of the Articles of Incorporation, the Bylaws, and the Operating Rules of the League and to consider changes in such documents proposed by members in writing and to recommend to the League changes approved by the committee. The function of the President-Elect Elect shall be to ensure that each board member is equipped with the proper tools and motivation to carry out her responsibilities, including but not limited to, reviewing the bylaws, recommending bylaws revisions as needed, developing Operational Procedures and holding accountable the structure and regulations as stated in the bylaws.  In order to be eligible to be President-Elect Elect, a member must have completed not less than three (3) years of League Service, including her Provisional year.

Secretary. The Secretary shall give, or cause to be given, notice of all meetings of the League and the Board of Directors, in accordance with these bylaws and applicable law. The Secretary shall be responsible for the keeping of all minutes of such meetings. The Secretary shall be responsible for the custody of the seal of the League and the affixing of same. The Secretary shall be in general charge of the records of the League, other than financial records, and shall perform such other duties as may be assigned by the Board of Directors.

Assistant Treasurer (2-year commitment) The Assistant Treasurer will assist the Treasurer in maintaining full and accurate financial records. *The Assistant Treasurer will subsequently serve as Treasurer. Please see the description of the Treasurer’s duties below. 

Treasurer (2-year commitment) The Treasurer shall be the elected financial officer of the Association, shall be responsible for overseeing the Board’s process for monitoring fiscal performance against criteria embodied in Board policy, and for Board development in the area of financial policymaking. This shall include an annual examination of the books of record and, from time to time, such other examinations as the Board shall deem appropriate. The Treasurer shall cause to be kept and maintained full and accurate accounts of receipts and disbursements of the League. The Treasurer shall cause to be maintained deposits of all moneys, evidences of indebtedness, and other valuable documents of the League in the name and to the credit of the League in such banks or depositories as the Board of Directors may designate. 

At the first meeting of the Board of Directors subsequent to the completion of the annual audit of the League’s financial statements for such fiscal year and whenever else required by the President, the Board of Directors or applicable law, the Treasurer shall render a report of the League’s accounts in such form as may be required by applicable law and/or as may be requested at the discretion of the Board of Directors. Such report may consist of a verified or certified copy of any report by the League to the Internal Revenue Service or the Banking Department of the State of Alabama. Such report shall be filed with the minutes of the meetings of the Board of Directors.

The Treasurer shall, at all reasonable times, exhibit the League‘s books and accounts to any member of the board of Directors who may request the same. The Treasurer shall perform such other duties as shall, from time to time, be assigned by the Board of Directors. 

Nominating/Placement Chair

The Nominating/Placement Chair shall oversee the Nominating Committee as a non-voting member and shall organize and coordinate the placement of all JLS members in good standing, except the President, President-Elect and President-Elect Elect, onto JLS committees. 

Responsibilities/Committees under Nominating/Placement Chair:

Nominating Committee:  The functions of the nominating committee shall be to prepare a slate of candidates each year for the elective offices of the League and to hold accountable the current board members in their positions in accordance with the byaws.  The committee shall be composed of a minimum of six (6) members, with a minimum of two (2) from each Colbert and Lauderdale counties.  Members shall be elected at the February League meeting for the next League year and shall serve for one-year terms. No member may serve for two consecutive terms.  In order to be eligible for the nominating committee, a member must have completed not less than three (3) years of League service, including her provisional year.  Members of the Executive Committee and the Board are not eligible to serve on this committee. 

Placement:  The functions of the Placement Chair/Committee shall be to place active, extended actives and sustainers, should they request it, in appropriate areas of service; to keep complete records of community service activities; to act as liaison, if needed, between community agencies and League; to evaluate and make recommendations to the Board for proposed changes in volunteer service areas; to compile community service information for the placement brochure; and to assign active, extended actives, and sustainers (if requested) to League committees other than those committees whose members are elected or appointed. 

Fund Development Chair and Assistant Fund Development Chair (both are 2-year commitments)

The function of the Fund Development Chair shall be to oversee the planning, implementation and organization of League-wide sponsorships/donations, community partnerships and to seek outside grant sources for League.  This is a two (2) year position.  After 2019-2020, the Fund Development Chair will need to have held the Fund Development Co-Chair Position for 2 years.

Fund Development Co-Chair:  The function of the Fund Development Co-Chair will be to assist the Fund Development Chair in the above stated duties.  This is a two (2) year position, available after Provisional year.

Responsibilities/Committees under Fund Development Chair:

Apple Annie:  The function of the Apple Annie Committee shall be to plan and oversee Apple Annie Day, one of the annual fundraising projects of the League, including, but not limited to, seeking sponsorships/donations.  The Chair shall have served for at least one year on the committee prior to becoming Chair.

Huff ‘n Puff on the Bluff 15k and 5k:  The function of the Huff ‘n Puff Committee shall be to plan and oversee the market, one of the annual fundraising projects of the League, including, but not limited to, seeking sponsorships/donations.  The Chair shall have served for at least one year on the committee prior to becoming Chair.

Grant Writer:  The function of the Grant Writer shall be to explore potential outside grant sources for League and to prepare grant proposals fitting the mission and vision of JLS.

Communications/Public Relations Chair

The functions of the Communications/Public Relations Chair shall be to oversee the Communications/Public Relations Committee in its efforts to provide communication in League; promote League to the community; oversee the publication of the League monthly newsletter, the Hourglass; and to maintain the League website and Digital Cheetah and other printed, on-line and social media outlets, as needed.

Communications/Public Relations Committee:  The functions of the Communications/Public Relations Committee shall be: to publish and distribute the monthly newsletter of the League – the Hourglass – the sole purpose of which will be to distribute information pertaining to the business of the League; to build public understanding and support of the activities of the League; to coordinate all media publicity for the League; and to maintain the history of the League through the coordinated efforts of a Historian.

Membership Chair

The Membership Chair shall oversee the Provisional, Sustainer Relations, Recruitment/Transfer Chairs, and the Membership Relations Committee in their efforts to recruit new members, retain active and sustainer members and coordinate the transfer of other AJLI members moving to this area.  An additional function of this chair shall be to maintain the records of League membership. 

Responsibilities/committees under Membership Chair:

Provisional Directors (2): The Provisional Directors shall lead the Provisional members in a course of study of the structure of the League, the privileges and obligations of members and the opportunities for community service and service to the League.  They shall guide the provisional members in fulfilling the requirements for becoming active members, as set forth in the Operating Rules.

Sustainer Relations: The Sustainer Relation functions shall be: to lead the effort to encourage members choosing to leave League in good standing to maintain paid sustainer status; to ensure sustainers are on distributions list for any League communication; maintain accurate records for sustainers; and coordinate occasional activities for interested sustainer.

Membership Relations (including Hospitality) Committee: The Membership Relations Committee functions shall be to organize events as the Board may request; provide hospitality at League functions; and to plan and organize the annual League meeting in May.

Recruitment/Transfers (2): The function of the Recruitment/Transfer Directors shall be: to work with Communications/Public Relations Committee to advertise to recruit new members; to apprise Provisional Directors of any developments with the recruitment of new members; to receive applications for membership and to review them against criteria for membership as defined in Article II, Section 1 of the League bylaws; and to provide a list of accepted candidates for Provisional members to the Provisional Directors and the rest of the Board.

Community Development/Grants (2-year commitment)

The Community Development/Grants Chair will oversee the functioning of the Community Development/Grants Committee, including the Kids in the Kitchen/Special Olympics Committee, Done in a Day, and Community Projects.

Kids in the Kitchen/Special Olympics Committee: The functions of this committee shall be to help empower youth to make healthy lifestyle choices and help reverse the growth of childhood obesity and its associated health issues by planning an annual event to promote these ideals; and to plan and implement the Special Olympics Banquet for the local Olympians and their families.

Done in a Day: The function of Done in a Day is to coordinate projects that can be completed in a single day each month that will help local agencies or individuals within the community and planning and hosting a Christmas party for the clients of Northwest Alabama Rehabilitation Center. 

Community Projects: The function of Community Projects shall be to coordinate the efforts of funding community projects and to determine whether the funds donated by League are being spent for the purposes for which they are donated.

Other Committees

The Board of Directors may, from time to time, establish such other committees as it deems proper to carry on the business of the League.